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It is in a green setting, nestled at an altitude of 850 metres, that we can discover the charming village of Arc-sous-Cicon, 700 inhabitants, located in the Doubs department.

Proud of its natural jewel, the Crêt Monniot, which culminates at 1143 metres, the village offers a ski area with slopes starting from the centre of the village up to the summit with exceptional views of the Jura and Alps massifs in all seasons. This is enough to satisfy tourists, beginners and experienced sportsmen, lovers of chlorophyll and fresh air, of serenity and renewal.
The animals are not to be outdone, the Montbéliardes cows enjoy peaceful days here, grazing on the precious mid-mountain grass that gives the best of the Comté cheese its characteristic taste. The farms coexist in harmony with a diverse wildlife.
A school, businesses and shops: Arc-sous-Cicon, halfway between Pontarlier and Besançon, has managed to combine the past and the present, to combine the rural and the urban, to combine the useful with the pleasant.
Arc-sous-Cicon knows how to seduce by many assets: its patrimonial charm (a town hall in a spectacular building), its varied pedestrian paths (hiking, mountain biking or snowshoeing), its gastronomy (its fruitière having received a gold medal for its Comté cheese), its culture (a music festival and a book fair scheduled for 2022), Arc-sous-Cicon has more than one string to its bow...
However, you will have to linger and be patient to discover some of its secrets, a morel that pierces the snow in spring, a lynx at the bend of a path, a chapel in the hollow of a wood, snow in the middle of August at the bottom of a chasm, because Arc-sous-Cicon knows how to keep some of its jewels for the most deserving visitors. Juniors and seniors alike find their daily happiness here, enough to fill a lifetime. A village to be discovered without moderation, in all seasons, at any age and at any time, to live and build memories or simply to make a sporting or regenerating stopover.

Angéline Petraud

Les sculptures à Arc-sous-Cicon :