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Located on the border of the Doubs and the Haute-Saône, Etuz is not a border village. On the contrary, it is a particularly open commune of passage and mixing that continually builds bridges. A bridge between the metropolis of Besançon, situated about ten kilometres away, and the rural world so characteristic of the Haute-Saône department. Crossed by the departmental road 3, the village is a place of great passage for all those who go to work in Besançon and its surroundings but also for those who go to take the TGV, the Besançon Franche-Comté station being only five minutes away.
Etuz also builds bridges between a past marked by a very rich local heritage and a future that it is preparing through structuring investments. In the heart of Etuz, you can discover a newly restored double washhouse. Built in 1845 by the architect Pierre Marnotte (Dijon 1797 - Besançon 1882), this washhouse is the symbol as well as the nerve centre of the village. A few steps away from this building, you will find the Sainte-Anne Chapel built in the 16th century, which houses a magnificent stone and alabaster altarpiece representing the life of Sainte Anne, patron saint of the village.
While Etuz pays particular attention to its heritage, it has also invested in the construction of a brand new educational centre in 2018 to support its development. The commune certainly has the charm of a peaceful village but it also aspires to be a driving force in its territory. With its 700 inhabitants, Etuz has almost quadrupled its population in a century and has become the third largest commune in the Pays Riolais community of communes. This territorial ambition is also characterised by the presence of several shops which guarantee the attractiveness of the village centre. An important place is also given in Etuz to the preservation of the living environment.
Thus, you can stroll along the banks of the Ognon which border the village. And if you like walking, you can take the 'Via Francigena' which crosses the village. Finally, if you are interested in art, you will know that the portrait painter Maurice Mouton was born in Etuz in 1765. To reinforce the cultural dynamic of the village, where the Jean Greset gallery is already located, a sharing centre called 'Chez la Mamie' will open in September 2021. Etuz is therefore a municipality that attaches great importance to preserving its village soul in its development strategy, which it wants to be respectful of a harmonious and lively living environment.

Guillaume Germain
First Deputy - Commune of Etuz

Les sculptures à Étuz :